Unveiling the Top 5 Forecasted Players of 2024

The spring training is around the corner, and fans are bracing themselves to explore another exciting season. Now, ahead of the upcoming season, let's unveil the five projected MLB stat leaders who are subjected to reign in the forthcoming season.

" Take a Nap For 2 Hours, Eat Again and Sleep For More Than 10 Hours."

- Shohei Ohtani


Ronald Acuña Jr.

Acuña Became The First Player In AL/NL History To Hit A Minimum Of 40 Home Runs And Steal At Least 70 Bases Following His 2023 Performance. The 26-year-old icon created a record of hitting 41 Homers twice in a season. With His Presence On The Projected List, The Audiences Are Hoping For An Extraordinary Season Ahead.

Shohei Ohtani

The two-way phenom, who never fails to amaze his fans, has joined the Dodgers' force. Though, due to his elbow surgery, he will be sidelined from the pitcher's list, this news also indicates his solo focus on the hitting position, making it all the more exciting for fans. With 95 RBI in the previous season, he is expected to achieve a record of 122 RBIs in the upcoming season with the Dodgers. 

Esteury Ruiz

Seemingly, the 2024 season will be decked up with exciting moments as there are stars like Esteury Ruiz, who has set an American League Rookie record with his 67 stolen bases in the 2023 season and is projected to pose a more significant challenge before Acuña.

Juan Soto

Though Acuña beat Juan Soto's .410 OPB mark by six points, he couldn't create the record for the highest OPB in 2023. However, think about his performance in Majors in terms of on-base percentage; it's Soto who surpassed everyone. Additionally, 2023 marked his career-high homer record of 35 in a single season. 

Yordan Alvarez

The most astonishing factor of Alvarez's performance is that despite performing for just a few matches, he has set an example so far. He has a record of playing only five major league seasons, where he hit 129 home runs and owns a .978 OPS in two games in the 2020 campaign. Now, it raises fans' expectations as he is set to play more than 150 games in 2024.

" Take a Nap For 2 Hours, Eat Again and Sleep For More Than 10 Hours."

- Shohei Ohtani


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