Insider Suggests NASCAR Could Finally Make a ‘Significant Bold Step’ After Long Consideration

A whisper in the wind hints at a seismic shift in NASCAR's future. A daring move, years in the making, is about to unfold. But where will this road lead?


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The Clash's New Course

The Busch Light Clash, NASCAR's exhibition event, has been a beacon of American Motorsport. But after three years, the Coliseum's lights are dimming, and a new stage is set. The Clash is on the move, and the destination might just be beyond the borders.

The International Dream

NASCAR's dream of going international is no secret. The Clash's relocation could be the key to unlock this dream. "What if you could add a race, the Clash in Mexico and maybe get to Montreal next year and have three countries as opposed to just being in the US," pondered NBC's Dustin Long on GoPRN Live.

More Than Just a Race

This isn't just about TV ratings or monetary gains. It's about spreading the thrill of the race, the roar of the engines, and the love for the sport. It's about making NASCAR a global phenomenon. As Long put it, "Certainly, a Clash outside the country would do that... for as hungry as the Canadian fans are that could be a big win for the sport as well."


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