Watch: Sean Strickland Beat Up Sneako Inside the Octagon

In an unexpected turn of events, a social media influencer found himself in a brutal boxing match with a former UFC champion. The aftermath? A bloodied nose, a saved towel, and a million-dollar challenge from an unexpected quarter.

The Unexpected Showdown

Sean Strickland, the ex-UFC middleweight champion, was invited by Sneako, a notorious social media personality, for a friendly boxing match. However, the gloves were off, and the punches were real. Despite the pleas from the spectators to stop, Strickland continued his onslaught until UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin stepped in.

The Aftermath

Sneako, despite being battered and bloodied, stood his ground, earning Strickland's respect. Strickland taunted, "It should be setting in right now that nothing you can do can hurt me," but Sneako kept firing punches, proving his mettle.

The Million-Dollar Challenge

Jake Paul, a major influencer-turned-boxer, was unimpressed with Strickland's performance. He challenged Strickland, stating, "You weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out." Paul proposed a fight, promising a million dollars if Strickland wins, but a tattoo if he loses. Strickland's response? A reminder of Paul's loss to a part-time boxer.

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