Mount Everest’s Waste Management Rules Require Climbers to Haul Back Their Bodily Waste, Addressing Pollution

When the serenity of the mountains gets interrupted by human interventions, humans become subjected to rectifying the same. A similar circumstance is hovering over Mount Everest as mountaineers are facing a significant challenge with human excrement scattered around the mountain. Thus, Everest's management authority introduces the newest rules regarding climbers' bodily waste.

The gross side of Everest climbing

According to an unofficial report, around three tonnes of human waste is present between camps one to four, making it difficult for authorities to keep the surroundings pleasant. Despite the annual cleaning campaign organized by the Nepali army, the growing volume of wastage is proving the futility of their efforts. 

The growing amount is raising concerns

Due to the lack of proper disposal methods, hikers are prone to excrete openly. On the other hand, the excreted waste is not disposed of in extreme weather. Thus, the Pasand Lhamu Rural municipality has mandated a regulation about carrying back the human waste to the camp.

Authorities are on a serenity mission

As per the reports, the US will issue 8000 bags to the climbers in order to bring back the bodily waste. Each bag can be used five to six times and can be safely brought back to the camp. The President of the Expedition Operators Association believes that “It certainly is a positive thing…”

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