Presenting Five Unmissable Cycling Gears for Winter Cycling

Winter cycling is usually way different from cycling in other seasons. It involves not only additional preparation but also appropriate gear. Thus, this story will introduce you to the five essential gears irreplaceable for winter cycling.

Fjallraven S/F Frame Bag M

Uncertainty of weather involves unexpected consequences, and in this situation, it is almost impossible to figure out what should be packed, especially on a long ride. Here, the Fjallraven S/F medium-sized frame bag comes into the picture, which has a relevantly spacious room to carry essentials like a waterproof jacket, pants, gloves, etc.

Gorewear Distance Winter Bib Tights

Cycling can become difficult when freezing winds pass through your protective dresses. Thus, the Distance Winter Bibs are the prominent gear that can keep you warm in freezing winters. Also, it’s super stretchable materials let you have a comfortable ride for hours.

Gorewear C5 Gore-Tex Shakedry

An ultralight windbreaker is another protective shield that should be used under the cycling suit. It's a lightweight, wind-breaking, waterproofing shield that can be carried in a pocket or a frame bag. 

Rudy Project Spinshield air sunglasses

Returning to the protection part of your eyes and thus, Rudy Project Spinshield Air Sunglasses are coming onto the scene. It comes with photochromic lenses that are effective both in sunny and cloudy weather conditions. 

QUOC Gran Tourer XC Gravel Shoes

This is a recent addition to the gravel cycling shoe range. While Paired with a padded heel, foot molding insoles, and arch support options, the XC gravel shoes become appropriate for on-road and off-road cycling.

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