Unveil the Five Crucial Safety Tips for Your Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Adventure

Undoubtedly, thru-hiking involves more risks than shorter hiking trips. However, often, pre-perception makes the trip look more strenuous than it really is. Thus, the following are the five important safety tips that will ideally help you on your adventurous Appalachian thru-hike.

How to cross a river

Dangerous rivers and streams are no exception to the Appalachian Trail, and if you are not aware enough, then the current of the river can put you in a perilous situation. Thus, always look for the wider spot of the river to avoid treacherous currents. Also, unbuckle your hip and chest straps to keep yourself above the water if you fall and your backpack gets stuck underneath. 

Be considerate of the weather

The Appalachian trail is well-known for its frequent rough and extreme weather conditions. Thus, always go through the weather conditions to avoid extremity. Also, the summits' weather is even more challenging than in the valleys, so make sure to move forward with proper preparation. For example, to avoid scorching sun, take shelter and keep yourself hydrated.

Listen to your body

Never be too harsh on your body; make necessary changes to relieve your back, waist and leg. Otherwise, if the pain reaches its extreme, you will need to spend more time to get back your body in proper form.

Take only essentials

Don’t over-stuff your backpack; instead, choose only the essentials. Unnecessary items will only harm you, as you will get back aches with the extremely heavy backpack. For example, you can carry a tiny first aid kit instead of a bigger one.

Make sure not to freeze your filter

If the water dripping from your filter freezes, it widens the pores of your filter, allowing pathogens to drip into clear water. Thus, always keep your filter in a warm place, like inside your bag or make it touch your body during the freezing hours to keep it warm.

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